Recruitment and retention of teachers in hard-to-reach areas in the case of villages in Ghana.

By | January 5, 2021

Analysis has shown there is a small number of teachers even at times no teachers in hard-to-reach areas for instance villages in Ghana. This article has looked at the reasons why there is a small number of teachers in those areas.

Reasons why teachers don’t accept posting to villages

Some teachers don’t accept posting in hard-to-reach areas because the road network to these areas is poor. Teachers find it difficult to move from towns and cities with their luggage’s to these areas, due to the bad nature of the road’s drivers and motorcycles riders do charge high amount of monies to these teachers before you can reach these areas and due to this suffering teachers goes through before the reach these areas the end up not accepting posting to this hard to reach areas. Some of these areas are located overseas and before you can reach these areas you have to enter a boat and due to this scare nature of being on a river, some of these teachers rather stay in towns than goes to these villages. So, the government should ensure that the roads leading to these communities are rehabilitated to allow free movement of vehicles so that teachers can accepting posting to these areas.

Lack of network connectivity is also one of the challenges affecting teachers in the village. Due to the low network connection in the village for teachers to communicate with their families and friends, they will prefer to leave in town than to be in a village. No one wants to stay on an island and for that matter, everyone wants to go to a place where they can get in touch with families and friends easily without any problems. So, a place with no network will not be so lucky to get teachers. So, the government should ensure that network is connected to these villages so that teachers can accept posting to these hard-to-reach areas.

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Inadequate potable water is also one of the issues causing teachers not to accept posting to some of these villages. Some of these villages share drinking water with animals which exposes the inhabitants to disease and because no one wants to be sick teachers will prefer not to accept posting to these areas. So, the government should ensure that each village has potable water to help retain these teachers in these hard-to-reach areas.

Accommodation challenges are one of the factors in the village that makes teachers not to accepting posting in these areas. People in the village have accommodation for only their family size, so to get a room to rent in the village is difficult, so to get a place to stay is a major challenge causing most teachers not to stay in the village. The government has to make sure that teachers’ quarters are built in the village to accommodate these teachers.

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