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Reference been made that St.Peter’s SHS are admitting Rastafarian students should stop-Percobas told


The members of Percobas have been called to refrain from circulating pictures of the st Peter’s SHS admitting Rastafarian students because the Headmaster of St Peter’s senior high school in the Eastern region has instilled discipline in the school by instituting a barbering salon in the school to ensure that any students who come to school with unacceptable hairstyles are cleared nicely to meet the uniformity of the school.

This comes up as a result of the issue between the authorities of Achimota senior high school and the two Rastafarian students who were asked by the school authorities last week Thursday to go back and shave their hairs before they will be allowed to enroll in the school.

In a message to students, sighted by educegh.com which stated that their attention has drawn to the discussion made in the public domain about the Rastafarian students been given admission into the st Peter’s senior high school. The letter stated that while they believe it is a matter between the school governing board and the government to decide on the matter but what is worrying them is the reference been made that st Peter’s senior high school are allowing Rastafarian students the opportunity to be admitted in the school.

The letter also added that whilst the justification for admitting those students by the school authorities may have been different, they don’t want it to be a reference point for the current issue about Rastafarian. According to the letter, the current Headmaster of the school has instilled much stronger discipline including, among others, a barbering salon in the school to where students with unapproved hairstyles are converted into clean-shaven students’ haircuts.

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They added that their concerns are that if members of Percobas continue to circulate such pictures to justifying the discourse one way or another, we may end up ridiculing our school. Let us all support the school to institute and enforce the appropriate school regulations to ensure discipline on campus.


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