Required documents that a teacher need to apply for GES transfer or release. Take note.

By | May 25, 2021

For an in-service to apply for release or transfer from his or her current station to another station the teacher has to provide convincing reasons why they want to leave their current station.

A teacher has to know that before you apply for the release or transfer, you need to write to the school or district you want to go, for assurance. That means you have been approved to come to school or district. Then the teacher can now go-ahead to apply for the release or transfer.

This piece has looked at the Required documents that a teacher needs to start with his or her release or transfer process.

To apply for transfer from one school to another within the district, you need the following documents

  1. Application letter signed by your headteacher or circuit supervisor
  2. Appointment letter
  3. The professional certificate you have obtained (that is Diploma in Basic Education DBE or B.ed degree or both)
  4. One passport picture
  5. Promotion letter if there is any
  6. Personal Record form filled by you.
  7. One file. Click below to download samples of GES letters

Applying for release from one District to another within the same Region you need the following documents.

  1. Application letter
  2. Cover letter from your headteacher
  3. Professional certificate DBE or B.ed ( certified ones)
  4. Letter of undertaking
  5. Assurance letter
  6. Promotion letter
  7. Personal Record form
  8. Passport picture

Applying for release from one Region to Another, you need all the documents above

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