Schools should not be close down-Gnacops to GMA

By | February 10, 2021

On Monday, 8th February the Ghana Medical Association called on the government to close down schools again due to the increase in case of the pandemic in Ghana but today the Ghana National council of private schools wrote an open letter to the medical association insisting that schools should not be close down again.

They said that schools are safe environments to control the spread of the virus and we should continue to practice the safety measures in our schools to prevent the spread of this deadly virus.

They added that asking students to stay at home is not a guarantee that they would not contract the virus hence the closure of schools is not an option now. Meanwhile, the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) said schools are considered as the breeding grounds for the spread of the virus since most children can not practice the safety precautionary measures properly.

They insisted that no one can attribute the spike in the cases of the virus in the country to schools reopen because that these students were not tested to determine whether they were having the virus or not when these children were called from the streets and home to come back to school. So, schools should not be close down just because people hold their assumption that the school environment is the breeding ground for the spread of the virus.

They encourage everyone to do the need by practicing the safety protocols to contain the spread of the virus rather than calling for the closure of schools in our country.

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