Shift system to be introduced in schools. Find out?

By | February 11, 2021

The recent increase in cases of the virus in our schools is life-threatening and so worrying. This made a lot of people complaining and asking for the government to close down schools to reduce the number of cases that are recording in our schools both basic and senior high schools in the country.

The last updates made by the Ghana health services in a press briefing in Accra indicate that about one hundred and forty-two positive cases have been recorded in our basic and senior high schools in four regions in Ghana.

This made the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) call for the closure of schools again to prevent further spread of the cases both in the schools and the communities as well. They hold the view that our health system is very weak and that we need not allow our health system to be overwhelmed before we take action, so for them the earlier the better we close down our schools now.

This idea was strongly opposed by the Ghana National council of private schools ( Gnacops), child Rights international (CRI), and concerned parents. They said that data has not shown that we should close down our schools and that we should not consider the mere fact that the are cases in schools and then call for the closure of schools. Gnacops for instance insisted that school environment is the safest place to be with regards to the increase in virus cases.

They are calling for a shift system in our schools since the closure of schools will not be an option now. The call on the government to introduce shift system in our schools as one of the measures to reduce overcrowding in our schools to reduce the quick spread of covid cases in our schools.

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Since most organization, institution, as well as parents, are calling on the government not to close down schools, think shift system will be the main option of the government. So teachers should get prepared for the introduction of the shift system in our schools.

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