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Shortlisted Applicants for Ghana Scholarship Secretariat


According to the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat, the nationwide district Scholarship selection and shortlisted Applicants’ interview for the 2021/2022 academic year will kick start on Monday 23rd August 2021 in all the 260 MMDAs in Ghana.

All those who applied for the Ghana Scholarship secretariat and completed the online aptitude test have been shortlisted, the Secretariat has sent messages to all these Applicants to attend their interviews in their district assembly.

The sitting members of parliament (MPs) as it used to be are supposed to be part of the interviewers to assist in the interviewing process and make recommendations on qualified Applicants for consideration of scholarships.

The district-level Scholarship comprises of the following:
a. The MMDCEs
b. A representative from the traditional authority in the district
c. District Education Director/ a representative of tertiary institution in the district
d. The sitting MP in the district
e. 2 representatives from the Scholarship secretariat

The Scholarship Secretariat is working with the MMDAs to schedule the interview date and the number to communicate with the panel members.

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