Some Ghanaian Basic school teachers find it difficult to carry on with their lessons in the various classroom cut across the country.

By | January 4, 2021

It has come to the notices of all that students perform poorly in most school in the country due to the attitude exhibited by both the teachers and their students in the country and this article will serve as the eye-opener to some of the behaviors that these teachers and their students put up in our schools.

Below is the outline of the reasons why some teachers cannot carry their lesson in our schools:

Some Ghanaian teachers find it difficult to carry their lessons due to a lack of knowledge. Most teachers cannot carry their lessons successfully because they don’t have the required knowledge about what they are teaching. The inadequate number of teachers in the various subject areas may cause some school management to force someone who has no subject matter in a particular subject area to teach a certain subject which he or she cannot express himself or herself well. This causes some of these teachers to teach what they know but not what is required of them, hence poor delivery of lessons.

Also, some Ghanaian teachers find it difficult to teach their lessons due to the language barrier. This has been a problem in our Ghanaian societies. we speak different languages even though English is the main language we speak in various schools but there is the need to apply local language when teaching maybe there would be something when you teach the students may not understands but when you apply the local language the students will get you clear. But this has been a problem in so many places a teacher may be posted from the central region to North-East region and when he/she gets there he/she finds it difficult to speak the language. He/she may need to interpret ate certain things in the local language that is if he explains and they don’t understand it. So, at times when they have lessons, they feel like not going because the students may not get them.

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Over population in classroom is also one of the main reasons why Ghanaian basic teachers find it difficult to carry on their lesson. Larger population can cause all these problems. A class which is supposed to contain the maximum of thirty to form a class will be accommodating almost hundred pupils which is a major challenge. The teacher may find it difficult to control this large number of pupils in the one class. Because if he/she gives them class exercise, he /she may not be able to even mark all. Due to that he/she will not attempt to give them any exercise even they will not get time to be in class always.

These aforementioned points are some of the major reasons why students find it difficult to carry out or execute the lessons properly in our basic schools in Ghana and looked at carefully and the problems address we will be in the journey to the successful implementation of our educational policies that is the plan.

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