Some notable tertiary institutions in Ghana begin sacking indecently dressed Students from attending lectures.

By | February 21, 2021

Indecent dressing of students is becoming alarming and worrying in our tertiary institution in Ghana mostly among female students. Based on this some school’s authorities have allowed lecturers to sack any Students who are Indecently dressed from attending lectures.

Last week the vice chancellor for the university for professional studies Accra during the matriculation ceremony stated that in the past weeks 2020/2021 academic year students wore inappropriately to lecture and they did not say anything because they assume they Students did not know but now they are matriculating them there should be no excuse.

“I have noticed that some of you have started wearing short skirts all over the place. The UPSA is a professional institution and we dress very well. We have directed lecturers to ensure that any student who dress in an inappropriate manner they should remove you from the lecture hall.” He stated

“You are not allowed to dress the way we have seen you dressed these days. We allowed it the past week because we assume you do not know. Now you know so there should not be an excuse.” He added.

The university for professional studies Accra (UPSA) is not the only tertiary institution that has directed its lecturers to sack Students who dress indecently in a lecture hall but the Ho technical university this week also directed their lecturers to do the same.

Ho Technical university vice-chancellor prof. Ben on Thursday during the 28th matriculation ceremony stated that the university needs to maintain its reputation and respect for the benefit of students and would continue to forbid “all acts of gross indiscipline”

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He said that Ho technical university required Students to dressed suitably at all times and the university will not accept any political branded clothes at lecture halls and any other official functions in the school.

He added that “you must always dress decently. Your lecturers have been empowered to throw you out of the classroom person who appears in provocative dressing. We do not tolerate political paraphernalia to lectures and other official functions of the university.” The vice-chancellor stated.

This is a step in the right direction and we entreat other universities to do the same.

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