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Some teachers have called for the review of GES Promotion exam pass mark.


Most Teachers have complained the attitude of the Ghana Education Service towards Teachers when they are due for promotion, is inhumane and disrespectful and must be relooked at immediately. Most Teachers write the GES Promotion exam without knowing exactly what the pass mark is.

Our check from Ghana Education Service has shown that the overall mark for the last released promotion examination results for Teachers was 75. This means that the Teachers’ promotion examination was marked over 75.

According to the rules of the Ghana Education Service promotion examination, any Teacher that scores below the pass mark which is 75 is considered as failed. That is why after the promotion examination when you check your results and you have passed you will see a pass and if you failed you only see a failed nothing less nothing more. No Teacher gets to know the Mark he or she has gotten that has made him or her passed or failed.

Madam Sabina Mensah who was one of the candidates for this year’s Promotion examination confirmed this to the Joynews channel after the release of the examination, some of them were allowed to look at their examination script and they were surprised to see that some of those who score 40/75, 42/75 where regarded as unsuccessful in the promotion Examination.

She complained that this is a cheat on Teachers by the Ghana Education Service how can someone who scores more than half of the examination be considered as failed when indeed the person has not failed. She there calls on GES to promote those teachers.

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