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Stop paying teacher Trainees allowance and use the money to build JHS for pupils – Eduwatch.


The leadership of the African Education Watch has called on the minister of finance to stop spending millions of Ghana cedis in paying teacher Trainees allowance and rather use it to build Junior High schools for primary schools without corresponding JHS.

According to Africa Education Watch, the government has already spent over GH¢600 million on teacher Trainees’ allowance since 2017, an amount which they think could have been used to build over 1,500 junior high schools for over 40000 primary schools without corresponding Junior High schools.

The leadership of Africa Education Watch explained that the state cannot be spending millions of Ghana cedis paying teacher Trainees’ allowances who could afford student loans to continue with their Education while primary six school children are dropping out of school due to lack of junior high schools for them.

They added that if Ghana wants to transform its basic Education the millions of cedis spent on Allowance should rather be used to build junior high schools which could open more opportunities to employ the majority of the unemployed teachers in the country.

Meanwhile, in the budget, the minister of finance stated that the government is budgeted to spend over GH¢ 400 million on both teacher’s and nursing Trainees’ allowances.

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