Students can change schools in this year’s SHS placement as many times as the want-prof. Opoku Amankwa

By | February 23, 2021

This year senior high school placement has been delayed which makes parents, guardians, and everyone talking about it. The Ghana education service came to the public and announced several times regarding when the placement will come but it later comes out not to be true.

The last date that the Ghana education service came to announce that the placement will come was on Sunday 21th of February 2021 but the latter came to explain that they are setting up call centers across the country to reduce the challenges Students and parents do go through after placement.

The director-general of Ghana Education Service, prof. Opoku Amankwa during his interview with joy new host Emefa Apawu on Monday morning 22nd, of February 2021 he made it known that the Ghana education service has devised a strategy and has programmed their system to allow Students to make self-placement as many times as they want.

He added that the management of the Ghana education service has decided to make their system flexible in such a way that any Students that feel like that where he or she has chosen in the self-placement he or she is not comfortable with the school then the students can quickly go back to the system to change to the preferred school.

The director-general of the Ghana Education service stated that a student can make these changes if only there is a vacancy in the school he wants to change to.

So the Students can change the school to make it boarding or day so far as there is a space in the school he or she wants to change to.

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They however pleaded with parents and guardians to be patient as they are working with their call centers and if everything is done they will let the public know about it.

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