Teacher professional license without its renewal base on CPD points building is unfit for purpose.

By | May 25, 2021

Every professional license must have to be in line with the international standard. licensing of professionals in another field is based on license exams and CPD point building. At times we begin to envy other professionals like Medical Doctors, Nurses, and lawyers. The only thing we fail to do is to realize that all these professional bodies have been license which is subject to renewal based on point building.

When the National Teaching Council NTC started this Licensing, some teachers have called for its cancellation. Thinking that the professional license is to intimidate Teachers but the fact is that if the Teaching profession is to be enviable and respected like other professionals then teachers must be ready to do like the way, other professionals do.

The teaching profession has suffered disrespect and disgrace from society for too long. At times you see people speak like teachers are not trained professionals just because they see one Teacher behaving unprofessionally. All this happen because some of this Regulatory body like the National Teaching Council NTC is not in full operation to call that kind of attitude to order. When a teacher is involved in an act that he or thinks can cause his or her license to be withdrawn, he or she will behave well.

Every teacher should fill okay for the NTC license if only you know you have been doing everything right in your school. This renewal of license base on CPD points building is nothing but the normal things we have been doing in your school. So why should you be afraid of points building to renew your license?

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Teacher license renewal base on point building is a step in the right direction. It will make every teacher update to what is happening now. It will surprise you to know that some teachers cannot remember the last time they open a textbook to read. Because you are doing the right thing you will think every teacher is like you but that is not so. Don’t follow the crowd of lazy teachers to also complain about Continuous Professional Development CPD points building in license renewal.

Other professionals bodies like the Medical and Dental Council, Nurses and Midwifery Council, and legal Council, all these professional bodies renew their license base on continuous professional Development and points building. Asked yourself if this professional is better or knows books more than Teachers. So why are you behaving like you are afraid to read books? Let’s also follow the international standard of professional bodies.

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