Teacher trainees’ allowance should it be maintained or cancel

By | January 9, 2021

Trainees allowance has become a talking point in Ghana and some political parties have now used it to garner political points or canvas votes from the vulnerable people in the society. A student who is aspiring to be a trainee in a year to come has expressed his views on the reasons why colleges of education allowance should be maintained.

I think that teacher trainees’ allowance should be maintained because many of the students are from a poor family background so after their parents pay their admission fees, they find it difficult to buy other necessary things that will keep or sustain them in the school. But if these allowances are paid to these students, they can be using those monies to buy handouts, sanders, uniforms, and other valuable things needed for them to be in school and complete their course successfully.

Some of these students are always in the school with their brains outside the school thinking about what they will do to be able to pay the subsequent fees making them be having a divided mind which finally leads them to trial in some papers. Some of them do get trial in a paper not because they don’t actually know anything but because they are thinking of what to do next to able to pay their school fees in the coming session. But if the government pays these allowances it will ease the tension and save them from the stress of thing of how to pay their fees in the subsequent semester.

Some of these trainees are mature people and so many of them are married before they attend this school. With these, they will have to be taking care of themselves in the school and also have to fend for their families in the house. When you are in this kind of situation and you don’t have anybody to support, you will be drowned in a pool of water and this will definitely make you confused about how to leave life in the school. Which can definitely affect your academic performance. So, there is a need for the government to listen to these vulnerable student by continuing to pay their allowance to help them take care of themselves in schools and their families as well.

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Some of these trainees mostly the girls will have to involve themselves in various activities which you are not supposed to in order to be able to pay their fees and also buy their handout and other necessary things that can sustain them in the school but if the government are able to pay their allowance the will not involve themselves in some activities that can endanger theirs lives in the near future.

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