Teacher Trainees should pick loans and payback – IMANI president

By | January 7, 2022

The president of IMANI Africa, Mr. Franklin Cudjoe has called on the government to scrap teacher Trainees’ allowances and use that money to finance the building of infrastructure facilities in the various Colleges of Education.

Most renowned personalities have noted that the allowance meant for teachers Trainees’ is causing more harm than good to the country’s finance and has therefore called for it to scraped. Franklin Cudjoe, the president of IMANI Africa has also joined that call for the allowance to be scrapped.

Mr. Cudjoe during an interview with Joy News on the matter of infrastructure deficit which is negatively affecting most Colleges of Education from admitting enough students said ” let the students take loans and pay it back. That’s what we all did”. He further noted, ” I don’t see the reason why we should be feeding grown-ups and still be giving them money for wanting to be teachers”. He added that is not the best way of spending our scarce resources with

When franklin Cudjoe was asked by the host whether the payment of the Trainees’ allowances is the major hindrance to infrastructure in Colleges of Education, he stated that without doubt, the allowance had had a toll on infrastructure deficit in the Colleges. He questioned why the payment has stopped for some time now. He said the country has reached where we can’t be spending on services that are not necessary.

But Kwasi kwarteng who was representing the Ministry of Education said the payment of teacher Trainees’ allowances will not affect the infrastructure deficit in the Colleges of Education because basic schools, senior high schools, and public universities are also facing the same problem of infrastructure but the students there are not taking allowances.

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