Teacher unions called for living Allowance for public sector workers.

The Coalition of concern teachers CCTGH is calling on the Government to negotiate a Cost of living Allowance for all public sector workers especially the teachers to reduce the economic hardship on them.

In a press statement yesterday the National President of the Coalition of concern teachers Ghana CCTGH Mr. King Ali Awudu said it is very important and urgent for the government to quickly call the leadership of the National Labour Commission to negotiate the cost of living Allowance for all public sector to help cushion them in this economic hardship.

According to the union, the only means to raise public sector workers now is the Cost of living Allowance for them. The leadership of the Teacher union suggests that Government should consider a 20% COLA in addition to the 7% base pay increment which can at least help release the economic hardship on teachers.

Mr. King Ali Awudu explained that the price of goods and services is increasing day in day out which is directly affecting the purchasing rate of their members. Which so that the negotiated base pay of 7% is of no use in 2022 and hence the need for 20% COLA for 2022.

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