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Teacher unions expressed optimism of achieving these 5 major issues before mid-November 2021.


The leadership of the Ghana National Association of Teachers GNAT has expressed hope and optimism that the five major labor issues that were raised in their 10th August press statement will be achieved.

After the Teacher unions released their press statement demanding the Ghana Education Service resolved all these major labor issues, the promotion crisis of Teachers, the nonpayment of Teachers transfer Grants, an extension of contact hours of Teachers without compensation, delay in the upgrading of Teachers, and the controversial performance contract Headteachers and their teachers have been forced to sign without knowing the exact consequences. The management of the National Labour Commission NLC called the various Teacher unions for a meeting

After the management of the Ghana Education Service meeting with the various Teacher unions on that 10th August press statement, GES organized a press briefing and told Teachers that the issues that were raised on 10th August have no basics and for that matter, Teachers should not expect any positive output.

On the side of the teacher unions, nobody heard anything about them until 25th September 2021 when GNAT shared a text message to their members with regards to that 10th August statement. GNAT told their members that National Labour Commission NLC has charged them to resolve any labor issues with GES before 17th November and report the same to them.

Speaking with media General Daniel Opoku, the General Secretary of GNAT, Thomas Musah expressed hope that their issues will be resolved but should anything happens otherwise they will surely throw their hands in the air and the media will hear about them. According to him, they have met the NLC two times on that same issue with the latest one on 23rd September 2021 and they are optimistic of issues on the table.

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