Teacher unions must negotiate with Ghana Education Service (GES) to provide teachers with a uniform allowance.

By | February 8, 2021

Professional bodies like lawyers, bankers, nurses, police, soldier, and many other professionals have their prescribed uniforms that give them unique identification where ever they found themselves. The teaching profession which our checks have been identified to be the largest sector hosting thousands of public sector workers is the only profession without any identified uniform which makes it look as if that profession is not recognized in society. Educegh.com thinks it will be in the best interest of teachers to also have a uniform that can identify them in society.

Most teachers spend a lot of money on clothing because there is no unique uniform, a teacher cannot be wearing the same clothes for a whole week and for that reason he or she has to get a numerous of clothing to keep changing for school but this clothing to is costly. If a teacher wears one cloth for a week at times the students will even be given him or her nicknames but when these teachers are having a specific uniform, it helps them reduce the cost of buy clothes all the time and they will also be given a clothing allowance.

When teachers are given a uniform, it can help to easily identify them in society, when you go to the hospital the uniform pave way for quick identification because doctors and nurses are having their uniforms it makes it easier to identify who is a doctor and who is not. So, nobody can just operate in the hospital without a uniform in that way it deterred criminals from portraying to be a doctor but this is not so in the teaching fraternity. Anybody can just walk to school and pretend to be a teacher.

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Ensuring that teachers having their uniforms can reduce the shabby and indecent dressing that some teachers wear to school these days. Because teachers have the opportunity to wear any dress to school, some of them buy any clothes they want in the form of showing fashion to the colleagues’ teachers in the school and I think they are right to do that because you are not buying the dress for them so they have the right to wear anything they can afford to school. But if the government is given them clothing allowance, the attitude of indecent and seductive dressing portrays by these teachers in school can easily be monitored.

All other professionals, be it the doctors, nurses, soldier, lawyers, and others are having their specific uniforms that qualifies them to enjoy clothing allowance from the government, why is it that teachers which are the major public sector workers don’t have uniforms or they don’t want to enjoy clothing allowance? the various teacher unions should come to gather and help their members also enjoyed the clothing allowances enjoyed by all professions in Ghana.

The government should also help elevate our teachers in form of given them a unique uniform that will help them to be easily identified whether in the market, hospital, in a car, or anywhere in order to reduce the attitude of absenteeism among teachers. Some of them absent themselves and goes about their normal duties just because they are not easily identified.

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