Teacher unions rejected the Goverment decision to deduct 10% of teachers’ salaries as rent

By | March 15, 2022

The National President of the National Association of Graduate Teachers NAGRAT Mr. Angel Carbonu has condemned the directive made by the management of the Ghana Education Service for teachers staying in school bungalows to pay rent.

The president of NAGRAT argues that the plan to deduct teachers 10% from their basic salaries is unfair considering the meager salaries teachers take at the end of the month.

“The mistake we make here is that the accommodation condition rates are not the same and equal across the country. But when it comes to teachers specifically, we need to look at the details and understand the peculiarity of our job and look at the reasons teachers should not be charged for occupying the government bungalows.” Mr. Angel Carbonu stated.

“The teachers living in bungalows in the schools are performing teacher duties. It is these same teachers who take our sons and daughters to hospital, and in doing all these they teach the full complements of their subjects in class. No teacher is employed in the Ghana Education Service to become a housemaster. They are employed to teach subjects. So the house duties they perform are for free, so why do you ask them to pay for accommodation when they are offering these services for free?” NAGRAT president asked

Mr. Angel Carbonu further explained that the move is needless as the expected revenue from the deducted rent will not be enough to fund government programs.

“How many teachers in this country are even in government bungalows. All the bungalows have been sold to private individuals. And how much will government gain from this? He asked

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