Teacher unions reminded about the 27th Sept. Union alert on Promotion and upgrading of Teachers.

By | November 20, 2021

Teacher unions Ghana National Association of Teachers GNAT, National Association of Graduate Teachers NAGRAT and Coalition of concern teachers Ghana CCTGH and Ghana Education Service GES were asked by the National labour Commission to go back to the negotiation table to resolve all outstanding issues of Promotion, upgrading, Responsibility Allowance, contact hours and teaching and learning materials and report same to NLC.

On 10th August 2021, the three major teacher unions issued a press statement to Ghana Education Service raising five major labour issues which have been affecting teachers performance in the classroom and threatening GES to resolve the issues of promotion and upgrading of teachers in full before the end of September 2021 or they will advise themselves.

In September 2021, the Ghana Education Service invited the various teacher unions for a meeting on their 10th August press statement. Most teachers were thinking that there will be good news on that negotiation. Teacher unions went for that meeting and after the meeting, nobody heard anything from the teacher unions for more than two weeks. The Ghana Education Service organized a press briefing and said most of the issues that were raised in the teacher unions’ press statements were unfounded.

On the 27th September 2021, the leadership of the Ghana National Association of Teachers GNAT issued a union alert in a form of text messages to their members which says ” dear members following the teacher unions press statement on 10th August 2021, we were summoned by the National Labour Commission and directed that Ghana Education Service and unions iron out their issues by 17th November 2021 and report same to the National labour Commission”.

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Teachers are therefore reminding the teacher unions leaders that we are currently on the 20th of November 2021 and no action has been as they were promised.

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