Teacher unions threatened to disregard the directive from retired Directors of GES by 30th Sep.2022

By | August 22, 2022

The leadership of the three major teacher unions in Education (GNAT, NAGRAT, and CCTGH) has threatened to ask their members to disregard directives from GES Director who has gone on retirement.

The weekend has been inundated with concerns and agitations by the rank and file education workers in Pre-tertiary Education and other stakeholders on the issue of the post-retirement contract extension granted to the Deputy Director General (MS) of Education and also the stay in office of other retired persons in education in the Ghana Education Service.

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The Leadership of the Unions in Pre-Tertiary Education having assessed the situation and concerns, call on the former Deputy Director-General (MS) of the Ghana Education Service, Mr. Anthony Boateng to respectfully decline the offer from the President and the Ministry of Education.

The unions also call on the Director-General of the Ghana Education Service to direct all retired persons in the Ghana Education Service to hand over immediately to the next in line and proceed with their compulsory retirement.

“If by 30th September 2022, such persons are still at post, we call on our members to disregard directives issued by these persons.” The three major teacher unions stated

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