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Teachers and GES to be partly blamed for exam malpractices


Examination malpractices have now become part of life among Students in pre-tertiary schools in the country but the fact remains that Ghana Education Service and some Teachers are to be blamed for this act.

The Director-General of Ghana Education, Prof. Opoku Amankwa met stakeholders in Education in the five Northern regions to see how they can prove the performance of students in the 2021 WASSCE examination. The Director warns that any teacher who involved himself or herself in examination malpractices will be dealt with. Meanwhile, his outfit is spending GH¢ 34.8 million of taxes payers money to buy past questions for final year Students in senior high school.

The management of GES and the Government has created an impression in the mind of Ghanaian Students that what matters most is to pass your exam. The country now doesn’t bother about knowledge, what the care of is how to pass students exam. So whatever the students will do to pass their exams they can do and in the end, the Government will eulogies them and praise their PASCO for doing the magic.

On the part of the Teachers, although GES has forced you to sign a performance contract but has that grant you the opportunity to help your students cheat in an examination so that you will meet your target that GES force you on? Teachers are not supposed to forget the popular adage which says “you can force a donkey to a riverside but you can’t force it to drink” so GES can force you to sign a performance contract but when you teach in the classroom and students forget what the learned is not by force to make them pass their final exams.

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Do the teachers have to ask themselves how many of the students do remember them after completing their final examination? And Even if the students pass well do the government come out to say our Teachers have taught these students well and they have passed so let’s motivate them. Teachers have to consider all these things and stop risking their job.

An invigilator who is a Teacher is currently on the run for taking a picture of the orals English Language paper and circulated it on social media while they were still writing the 2021 WASSCE paper.


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