Teachers called on GNAT executives to add their voice on the laptop Brouhaha.

By | September 8, 2021

Teachers who are members of the Ghana National Association of Teachers GNAT are unhappy with the position of their Union Leaders silence position on the laptop issue. Teachers are having a feeling that the cost of the Laptops for Teachers is not right.

Yesterday, 7th September 2021, the representative of the Coalition Concern Teachers Ghana CCTGH on Adom TV interview asked Teachers who are not willing to take the Laptop should go and seek work elsewhere and work. Most Teachers have rubbish that comment and ask him to apologize for making such a reckless comment.

The president of the National Association of Graduate Teachers NAGRAT, Mr. Angel Carbonu on Asempa FM also stated that Teachers do not have the duty to tell the government the brand of Laptops the need for their work. All they have to do is to request tools to work with. Some teachers are saying that his comment does not make sense because asking for wrong tools and resources for Teachers how do you expect them to deliver.

NAGRAT also Release a letter detailing the cost of the laptop and how the payment is going to be done. Although the price the issue in their statement is not tallying with what the deputy minister of Education said on citinewsroom yesterday.

Teachers who belong to the Ghana National Association of Teachers GNAT are calling on their union leaders to say something about the Laptops. Because the silent nature of the leaders is making them feel something fishy about the cost of the laptops.

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