Teachers charge to pay some monies at district level before receiving their laptops.

By | February 19, 2022

Some management of the Ghana Education Service in some district Education offices are charging teachers to pay some monies before their already paid controversial laptops are given to them.

The majority of teachers in District Education offices that have received their one teacher one laptop are complaining that they are still being charged to pay some monies to their district IT coordinators before they are been allowed to take their laptops.

This cheat and disrespect to teachers in this country must stop. This controversial one-teacher one laptop initiative has generated a lot of criticisms in the media space yet most district officers still want to take their share of laptops.

Teachers in the Amenfi East District Education Directorate have alleged that their District IT coordinator is charging them GH¢15 for a reason that can not be explained by the IT coordinator. Most of the teachers said they were confused about the directive by the IT coordinator.

The same thing also happened at Twifo Atti Morkwa district where Junior High school teachers are also charged GH¢6 and others also paid GH¢5 to the district IT coordinator before being given their laptops. Some of the teachers in this district are saying that the district IT coordinator explained that the money will be used to photocopy teachers’ National ID cards.

This flimsy explanation given by this district Education IT coordinators is not right and something needs to be done immediately by the teacher unions to restore the intimidation met out to these teachers.

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