Teachers complained of writing printed lesson notes with ink.

By | February 10, 2021

Attention has been drawn by the teaching fraternity where some headteachers have been insisting on their teachers in various schools in Ghana to write their lesson notes in their lesson notes books rather than just printing lesson note on the internet and bringing it for vetting. This posture by some headteachers has made their teachers unhappy and in some instances generated a heated argument between these teachers and their headteachers.

All these issues are arising as a result of the government and Ghana education service introducing a new curriculum in our basic schools in Ghana without providing these teachers with the needed materials such as learner’s textbook, teachers handbook, and teaching and learning materials that teachers could have used to facilitate their lesson note preparation. So, teachers had no option than to go online and download already prepared lesson note by some people and present it to their headteachers for vetting.

Most headteachers also insist their teachers should put it in the writing form rather than just bringing the printed materials like that for vetting but some of these teachers have the idea that we have advanced in technology and so we should embrace the support of the computer world rather than sticking to the old method of doing things.

Educegh.com can confirm from teachers code of conduct(2008), the collectively agreed binding document that constitutes the framework and rules and regulating teachers both inside and outside the school, talks about lesson notes. This indicates that teachers are required to prepare lesson notes before they visit the class to teach.

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Again, the National teachers standard states that “a teacher shall prepare relevant and adequate teaching notes for his or her work in advance.it shall be the responsibility of the headteachers of their respective institution to see to it that this is done.” We in educegh.com think the headteachers are only doing their work by making sure that their teachers adhere to the code of conduct that the teaching profession spelled out clearly.
Teachers should rather listen to their various school’s headmaster and prepare their lesson notes as well as themselves adequately for their lesson delivery and stop the unnecessary argument with their headteachers.

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