Teachers demand teacher unions to process what is due them 3 months before they go on retirement.

By | March 5, 2021

Most teachers have suffered for more than six to seven months after retirement before getting their retirement package from their teacher unions and this is a worrying thing. The time they are supposed to be enjoying what is due them from their union is the very time they still have to be applying for their package from their unions.

Teacher unions can post the financial statements of their members to them when even these teachers do not know or request from them. Every year financial statements of teachers are sent to them no matter their location but when it comes to the retirement benefits of a teacher no one care to ask whether you will be coming for your package or not. The union will sit and wait for you to apply and do a lot of follow up before you get what is entitled to you which most teachers think is stressful and will want their union leaders to look into the matter and make sure when you are left with three Months to retirement the process your package for you.

Most teachers find it difficult to understand why various teacher unions cannot send their retirement package to them when they are retiring but can confidently distribute souvenirs to every teacher every year. Is it that they don’t have the data of their members to know who is going on retirement or not? Teachers demand leaders make it simple by processing and sending every teacher who is due retirement three months before that teacher proceeds on retirement.

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Loan cheques are sent to teachers but retirement package can’t, teachers plead with their executives to also do them a favor by working on their packages for them to prevent the continuous waste of money chasing another money.

They plead with union leaders not to allow them to go off their system before they start to work on their package for them. They entreat those participating in the local and national conference to raise this concern to ensure that it is part of this year’s resolutions and also to let their executives hear about their concerns.

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