Teachers do not need to waste time&money searching for CPD points to renew their license. Take note

By | May 24, 2021

The National Teaching Council NTC has it that teachers after receiving their license will have to build continuous professional Development CPD points to enable them to renew their license in three year’s time

Most Teachers have complained that the Ghana Education Service (Ges) and National Teaching Council (NTC) are to create teacher absenteeism in our schools should they ask teachers to attend workshops for CPD points. Teachers feel that because the National Teaching Council NTC is asking teachers to go for workshops to enable them to get points that will enable them to renew their license there will be teacher absenteeism.

This piece has looked at some of the simple and easier ways Teachers can do to get their continuous professional Development CPD points without wasting money.

Some of these activities are the normal things Teachers have been doing in their various schools. What they need to do is to be creative and innovative in their various schools and it should be evidence base to enable them to get their CPD points. Click the link below to download tpg guidelines

Easy ways to build your CPD points

  1. A teacher can get 10 solid CPD points by just promoting female Students’ participation in mathematics, science, and TVET programs. What the need to do to get the points is to make sure it is evidence-based.
  2. A teacher can get 2 points by preparing, using and managing learning resources which engaged students with diverse learning style and need activity ( write up and pictures with a cover letter from the head of school. Click here to see another way you can get your CPD points
  3. Using lessons learned from reading journals and books to improve teaching practice or assessment which is verified by the school head or any supervisor.
  4. Identifying a prevailing problem in society that mitigate against Students’ performance in the school and devising ways to mitigate such and getting colleagues to ascent for implementation. Then you get your 5 CPD points.
  5. Mentoring a newly qualified Teacher or newly recruited teacher. Then you get 5 CPD points per teacher in a year.
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These are the simple things are supposed to engage in in their school to get their CPD points

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