Teachers have been given materials to execute the new curriculum-Dr. Yaw Adutwum

By | February 12, 2021

The introduction of the new curriculum in our basic schools by the Ghana education service (GES) and the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA). This policy was introduced alright but the teachers who are to implement this policy in our school have been complaining about the material needed for the implementation of the curriculum.

Teachers have been complaining about the lack of textbooks needed to carry on with their teaching activities in the new curriculum. This was admitted by the education minister-designate that indeed after the implementation of the new curriculum they realize that because there were no textbooks teachers were finding it difficult to teach the new curriculum.

After the Education Minister-designate was asked by one of the honorable colleagues in the house about textbooks for the new curriculum, Dr. Adutwum responded that indeed he under the struggle that teachers undergo with the new curriculum so printed materials was given to these teachers to enable them to execute the new curriculum.

Dr. Adutwum added that as he was the deputy minister his ministry embark on new curriculum reforms and it was gotten approved by NaCCA, syllabi was printed to enable private writers to be able to write textbooks and reading material.

He said indeed these private writers have written the books and the Ghana education service has done the first review and the second review is underway and if it is done the books will be widely distributed to this school to enable teachers in their teaching.

He admitted that when curriculum reforms are done we should make sure the necessary materials needed for the implementation of that curriculum should be made ready to ensure its success

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