Teachers left stranded after GES hint of introducing the new curriculum in the jhs.

By | January 28, 2021

The management of the Ghana education service on the 15th of January 2021 made an announcement to all teachers teaching at the junior high school level across the country to visit their regional and district level to receive training from their master trainers about the common core program (CCP) but this could not materialize.

Teachers are now confused about the kind of standard learning materials to be used in the delivery of their lessons. Teaching has become boring for most teachers because the materials that could have been used by teachers to impact knowledge into their learners are not been made available to these teachers and their learners, so at time teachers goes to school alright but the available materials to use in lesson delivery is not there. Though teachers are been instructed by their employer GES to go online and download materials but is rather unfortunate that some villages in Ghana do not have a network making teaching to be boring to teachers these days.

There is no clear-cut direction for teachers. Most teachers in various basic schools in Ghana now do not know the kind of knowledge they should impact in their learners. Teachers this time are in schools these days but they do not have a clear direction as to what kind of knowledge or skills they should teach because the training that was supposed to be organized for these teachers has been postponed and here is the case the training that was organized for teachers in primary level did not allow teachers in the junior high school level to attend meanwhile teachers in the junior high school level has been asked to do recovery learning for those pupils who just moved from primary to junior high school one. What knowledge are teachers in the junior high schools going to recovery from these pupils when these teachers did not go for their training. We should not be playing with the education of our children because that is the backbone of any country’s development.

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It seems like GES does not make accurate planning before implementing their policies, the training that was organized for the primary level has not properly carried out because some of the teachers there do not have the requisite knowledge as to how to carry on with their lesson. So, we the concerned citizens of Ghana and also those who care about the success of our children education are pleading to the Ghana education services and all stakeholders involve to ensure that the reorganized these new curriculum training for teachers at the primary level and also ensure that the training they are planning for the junior high school teachers concerning the common core program should be a successful one in order for us not to be blaming each other as the primary teachers own.  

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