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Teachers petition GNAT executives not to increase Cancer Fund Dues from GH¢2 to GH¢5


Teachers who belong to the Ghana National Association of Teachers GNAT have petitioned their Union National Executives to stop increasing their member’s Cancer Fund dues from GH¢2 to GH¢5 as they are proposing for this year.

According to them, the ordinary GNAT Members are struggling to cope with the hard economy with their already depreciated salaries. If National Executives of the union are still proposing to add another deduction to their meager salaries then they will find it difficult to leave in this country with increasing prices of goods and services every day.

They have complained about the mere percentage increased for the 2021 and 2022 years respectively. With a high dependency ratio on them, any attempt by National Executives of GNAT to increase their Cancer Fund dues will have a heavy burden on them.

Those Aggrieved members of the GNAT have called on GNAT executives to fight for the numerous challenges that Teachers are faced with such as delays in the upgrading of Teachers, the controversial promotion results that were released by GES, the denial of GES to pay responsibility allowance to teachers who get promoted to another rank, failure of GES to put Teachers who get promoted on the rightful scale.

They stated that for teachers to be respected and recognize, then it must start with their union leaders. If the leaders are treating their union members like slaves how much more those outside the union. It looks as if the union only gets to a high position to enrich themselves at the expense of the ordinary union members. The leaders must first have their members at heart before they stand to fight for their members. Stop the proposed increase in cancer Fund dues. GNAT members called on their leaders.

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