Teachers Promotion and upgrading has been delayed due to GNAT, NAGRAT, and CCTGH

By | November 30, 2021

The majority of teachers in the Ghana Education Service have complained about the refusal of the management of the Ghana Education Service to promote and upgrade teachers to their respective ranks for over three years now.

Information gathered by Educegh media indicates that the problem for the delay of Promotion and upgrading of 2015, 2016, and 2017 batch of teachers has been delayed due to the leaders of GNAT NAGRAT and CCTGH.

The leaders of the three major teacher unions, GNAT, NAGRAT, and CCTGH early this year 2021 negotiated with the Ghana Education Service for the procurement of laptops and immediately brought in the company the wanted to do the contract. Because these leaders know very well they will get their share out of the contract.

Now because the Ghana Education Service and Ministry of Education have approved the dubious act of the three major teacher unions GNAT, NAGRAT, and CCTGH for the procurement of these laptops, these three teacher unions fear to fight for the promotion and upgrading of teachers because they know Ghana Education Service and the Ministry of Education have favored them to get a contract of laptops procurement which will fetch them huge sums of money.

Teachers can bear witness that amid court cases and the compliances of teachers about the procurement and deduction of these Laptops’ money and all that the leaders of GNAT NAGRAT and CCTGH have remained quiet as if they are not in Ghana. They know very well that this laptops procurement is an opportunity for their breakthrough and whether teachers cry or complained they don’t care.

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KA Technology is for GNAT NAGRAT and CCTGH and they have used to negotiate in favor of them to the neglect of teacher Promotion and upgrading.

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