Teachers promotion crisis: GES ranks that employees in the service can progress through

By | September 22, 2021

The management of the Ghana Education Service has made open the official ranks that employees in the Ghana Education Service can progress through as they work in the service for some specific number of years.

promotion and upgrading in Ghana Education Service have been delayed recently which has impacted negatively on the teachers but the management of the Ghana Education Service later disclosed that the delay in the upgrading was as a result of some staff who failed to seek approval from the Ghana Education Service before the go for further studies. According to GES those who went for further studies without seeking approval were later considered and those who qualify for the upgrading and applied were worked on.

On the issue of the promotion last year, the management of the Ghana Education Service changed the modus operandi of the promotion of staff which used to be an interview for the high ranks. From principal to ADII, teachers use to attend an interview, and when you are qualified you will be put on the right scale. Last year those who applied for that promotion were asked to write an aptitude test and it went on well and those who passed the exam were immediately put on the right scale the next month but this 2021 Teachers promotion aptitude test has witnessed a lot of setbacks.

Below are the ranks a Teacher can progress in the Ghana Education Service.

The Director-General of Ghana Education Service in a press briefing to address the Teacher unions 10th September press statement, made it clear that he will not talk about the 2021 teachers Promotion because it was currently under investigation. What Teachers witness now is that management of the Ghana Education Service is now putting in bits those Teachers who were able to pass the promotion exam. What Teachers don’t know is how far the said investigation has gone and up to date, no one is hearing anything about the promotion exam investigation.

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For the lower ranks, a staff is promoted base on the observation of your work in the service

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