Teachers questioned GNAT’s silence on the gov’t decision not to increase salary for the next 3years.

By | March 19, 2021

Some teachers are worried about the attitude of the Ghana National Association of teachers (GNAT) on the latter decision of the government not to increase the salary of public sector workers for the next three years attributing it to the fact that the economy is struggling and for that matter government can not afford to pay huge salary increment.

When this issue of government decision of not to increase salary pop up on social media some public sector unions executive like CLOSSAG, the National association of graduate teachers (NAGRAT), a coalition of concerned Teachers ( CCT-GH) have come out to clear their minds on the matter with some of them calling on the Ministry of finance to apologize to well-meaning Ghanaian for making that statement.

Yesterday a letter sighted by Educegh.com that was written by the executive of a coalition of concern Teachers ( CCT-GH) signed by King Ali Awudu the president of unions called on the government to disassociate itself from the statement made by the Ministry of Finance that Government will not increase public sector workers for the next 3years. In that letter, the union warns the government to be careful but if the government is going by the decision not to increase public sector workers’ salary then the union will not be able to restrain the timbers from any action.

GNAT member is however worried why the union hold a majority of the teachers in Ghana but have refused to add a word about the decision of the government not increase the salary of public sector workers for the next 3 years.
Some of them have pointed out the fact that the economy is not as broke as the government wanted them to believe, because the allocation made to some government machinery for the budget year 2021 makes it difficult for them to believe that the country does not have such monies to pay for salaries increment.

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They wanted the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) to be championing for the welfare of its members like the way other unions like NAGRAT, CCT-GH are doing.

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