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Teachers’ salaries are to be used for laptops instead of the souvenirs monies from their dues.


Teachers have been requesting that their union leaders use the monies that they have been using from their due to buying them end of year packages like GNAT souvenirs to purchase either laptops or note pad for them because using part of their dues to buy diaries every year doesn’t make sense to them.

Now teacher unions knowing well that it may cost them much in using the accumulated dues of their members they went ahead to make a shaded negotiation with the Ghana Education Service to make it look like the Government is buying laptops for teachers and that it is mandatory for every teacher to take part in the cost-sharing where the government will be taking 70% of the cost and Teachers will be paying the remaining 30%. These meager salaries that Teachers having been taking another deduction will be taking out of it. Is it every teacher that needed the laptop? Just because they know they will get a commission out of it.

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The clarification made by the management of the Ghana Education Service that it was GNAT, NAGRAT, and CCGH that negotiated for the laptops for their members and the silence on the part of teacher union leaders on this issue has exposed everything about the teacher unions leaders. It is the mandate of the employer to provide the employees with the resources to work with if GES saw to it that Teachers needed to use laptops they will have buy laptops for teachers and not be sharing the cost with teachers.

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If a teacher knows he needs a laptop he or she will use his pocket money to go and buy but making it looks like it is a government that is buying the laptops for teachers and later turn around to be making a small deduction from teachers salaries is unacceptable.


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