Teachers should go and do galamsay to survive – GES

By | July 22, 2022

The Director General of Ghana Education Service has asked teachers who think their suffering to go and do galamsay to find food and eat.

Reacting to the delay in releasing staff IDs of newly posted teachers UTV show this morning, Prof Opoku Amankwa said the newly posted teachers who have been in their station for seven good months without salaries can go and do galamsay because they have been eating before they were employed by the service.

“They should go and do galamsay. They have been eating before they get employed” Prof Opoku Amankwa stated.

They have been delays in releasing the staff IDs of the 2020 batch of newly trained teachers who were Posted this year in January 2022. Although some of them have gotten their staff IDs waiting for their salaries to be processed, the majority of them are still in their post without staff IDs.

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