Teachers to be blamed for their learner’s poor academic performance.

By | January 17, 2021

The performance of learners in Ghana both in high school and basic level has been falling every year which has caught the attention of parents and the general public talking with everyone trying to get someone to blame for the poor performance of their children. This article has outlined some of the factors that in one way or the other cause the poor performance of learners in our schools in Ghana.

Factors militating against students’ academic performance

Attendance of students is one of the major factors affecting students’ academic performance. Some students in a term come to school not to up fifth days and at the end of the day that students will be required to write an exam. Now that school will be resuming on Monday some of them will take up to two or three weeks, they won’t step their foot in school meanwhile he or she will be expected to write exams with their colleagues. This indicates that as the students absent himself or herself from school, the likelihood that he or she will cope with the content is low and this can result in the students to fail when he or she is asked to write exams.

Students to teacher ratio in class. In some schools, the number of students in that particular school outweighs the number of teachers, so, the rate at which the teacher in a class can take absolute control of his or her students and also involved every learner in the classroom activities is low and this can definitely cause the poor performance we record in our schools these days.

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Inadequately trained teachers in some schools are also one of the factors causing students poor performance in schools. Imagine a school from form one to form three with only two or three trained teachers this means that no matter what they do they wouldn’t be able to complete the syllabus in a term. When students are not able to complete the syllabus and are asked to answer questions base on what they have learned, definitely they won’t perform well.

Distance from school. Some students walk to a far distance to attend school. As they walk to school, they become tired of the time they will reach school. So, when it happened like that though the child is in class the mind is far away from school. Whatever teaching he or she received in school will easily be forgotten and this can also lead to the poor performance of students in the school.

Family income can also lead a student to fail. This is because when a child is in school and he or she is asked to pay something which he or she cannot afford to pay because the father and the mother could not get the said amount for him or her, it distracts the child mind and kept him or her thinking all the time when he or she is in school so this can make a child perform poorly in school.

 Though teachers handle their learners in the school, they are not responsible for the mass failure of their students.

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