Teachers to be trained to help tackle “chew and pour” in schools-GES

By | June 17, 2022

The Management of the Ghana Education Service has signed a partnership with Practical Education Network (PEN) to train teachers in hands-on science to help eliminate the issue of chew and pour in Ghana Education System.

It is management expectations that the “chew, pour, pass and forget” trend will end in Ghana Education Service.

This approach that is adopted by management, is an effective approach that will help students under how natural events work instead of being taught the same lesson by the classroom teacher.

According to the GA Central Municipal Director of Ghana Education Service, Madam Winifred Cynthia Aku, the current practice in teacher training techniques places much emphasis on classroom practice as another way to improve Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

She further explained that effective teachers should use relevant everyday events in science lessons as it will help foster students interest and curiosity. Pupils are by nature curious and need to feed their curiosity to deepen their understanding of science concepts.

Odorgonno Model basic schools in Ga Central Municipal first received their share of the training.

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