Teachers who are calling for the closure of schools again are lazy – concerned parents

By | February 10, 2021

Due to the continued spike in the cases of the virus in our country, some teachers are asking the government to close down schools again to reduce the spread of the virus. This raises concerns in the general public and keeps people talking about this issue but concerned parents who pleaded on anonymity said all those teachers who are calling for the government to close down schools are lazy and do not want to work.

Although, it is not only teachers who are calling for the government to lock down the schools again because most people perceived that Ghana as a country our health system are fragile and can easily be overwhelmed if we as a country do not take appropriate measure to curb the fast spread of the disease in our country.

Some teachers think that because children mostly in the basics schools go home and come back to school every day, they can serve as a carrier of the virus to and back to school. Though the effect of the virus on children is not all that serious some of the teachers think that children taking the virus and infecting their parents in the house is what they are worried about.

But these parents have the view that those teachers are lazy and should concentrate on their work in the school. They added that any teacher who doesn’t want to work should resign and go home so that his or her position can easily be filled.

This parent asked whether the other public sector workers are not human beings? “so teachers want to be seating in the house and be getting paid,” they said. They added that any teacher that wants to stay at home can do so but they call on the government to discipline any teacher that refuses to go to work.

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