Teachers who use canes on Students to impact knowledge will fail their Licensure exams- Kwame A. Plus

By | June 18, 2021

Kwame Asare Obeng popularly known as Kwame A. Plus has stated on his Facebook page that Teachers who use canes to whip their students like horses to instill discipline and impact knowledge are likely to fail their license examination.

He added that Teachers who use canes as their Teaching aid will produce architects and engineers who cannot build a hen coop on their own.

Explaining further, he stated that a country with that kind of Teachers will educate someone who will become a Dean of Mechanical Engineering and when his car gets broken he will quickly rush it to “Master Atta,” the roadside fitter to fix it. In that country Ph.D. holder taught by such a teacher will hand over a state ambulance to a roadside mechanic to turn it into a Cargo truck to cart cement.

Mr. Kwame A. Plus stated that such a country will educate politicians who will decide to spend billions of dollars to expand a chamber of parliament house instead of using that money to develop other Regions.

A. Plus added that when you are educated by such a teacher, he will teach you how to chew, pour, pass and forget. He or she will make sure your whole Education is just to chew and pass your exam and not to do anything practical.

Kwame A Plus end that ” the sad part is that, this teacher himself will fail his Licensure exams.”

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