Teachers whose names are part of the NTC incomplete Registration list should take notice of this.

By | May 13, 2021

During the interview with the officials of the National Teaching Council on Radio Ghana yesterday 12th of May 2021. An issue was raised by some teachers concerning a list that was circulating on social media containing names from the National Teaching Council about those who have incomplete registration on the NTC Teachers portal meanwhile whenever they check their status is it 100%.

The officials were asked whether the list was authentic and the IT expert of the National Teaching Council (NTC) responded that the list is authentic and that it happens because NTC did some updates that might have caused it and that those Teachers should follow this procedure to get that issue rectified

NTC is advising all those Teachers whose names are part of the incomplete NTC Teachers portal registration list but have a 100% status tick on their Teachers portal to quickly login into their NTC account again and click save on any of their profile details until the seen account pending activation.

Take note, this is for those Teachers who have a 100% status tick on their portal.

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