Teaching has become a basic job for most disappointed professionals from another field.

By | February 25, 2021

The woes and crying of teachers at the basic level have been the order of the day in most platforms and social media handles ranging from mere salaries to disrespect from the general public. Gone are the days where teachers were highly respected and have much recognition in the society.

Nowadays it is like a crime to be called a teacher and most teachers even feel ashamed to mention their profession as a teacher when they are in the public with their peers this is because some disappointed professional who is not able to make it into their profession of choice has now turned to be teachers.

It is a fact that most teachers without teaching background are now in the profession because of the failure to make it in their rightful profession like doctors, lawyers, engineers, the pilot just to mention but a few. Because these people are not able to make it into that great profession that they wanted to go to after completing their university course then they run into where they feel is cheap and easy to do work that is the so-called teaching. How can people respect a person who is not trained to be who he or she is? Those people will be doing the work without passion. Shahbaz Sheikh an Associate professor of finance in the Dan Department of management and organization studies said “passion is very important in every work you do” but because that is not the field of the person and the person is not getting anything to do after completing his or her course that is why he is she has opted for teaching and this downgrade the profession making it a profession for all.

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All the time teachers complain that the leaders are not listening to their cry because those leaders no very well that the Teaching profession is full of people who are working there not because they were having the passion to teach but because there is no job for employees that is why the opted into the Teaching Profession. I’m not saying that there are no teachers who are in the profession because they don’t have passion.

Looking at other professionals like doctors, lawyers and others can you just get up one day and pay money and they will call you into the Bar to be a lawyer meanwhile you have no background in the legal profession is impossible but that is exactly what is happening in Teaching profession today someone with his political background knowledge from the University is teaching mathematics in basic school and not only that, most people have done courses in the university that has no correlation with the subjects taught in the basic schools but they are teaching, all in the name of recruitment.

Most graduate from the university will chastise teachers the time they are entering university and after completing their courses and they are no work for them then they will turn to be fighting with a graduate from the teacher training colleges for employment. Some of them even think that those who went to training colleges perform poorly at the wassce level this is a misconception on the part of university graduate because in 2017 teacher trainees’ were sucked in some colleges of education due to poor performance in their wassce level.

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I think there should be strict compliance with the policy that no Education background no teaching for you to raise the profession and limit the illegalities surrounding the Teaching profession.

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