Textbooks stigmatizing Ewes have not been approved-NaCCA

By | March 15, 2021

As a sequel to the earlier Press Releases issued by NaCCA on the ” and 14 of March 2021 concerning “The
Use of Unapproved Textbooks in Schools,” NacCA wishes to reiterate that the following textbooks currently
making waves in the media have not been approved for use in schools.

“History of Ghana for Basic 6” by Golden Publications which carries distasteful information about Dr
Kwame Nkrumah and the CPP
“History of Ghana Textbook 3” by Badu Nkansah Publications features “A song that shows the
Ewes identity

Golden English Basie 4″ by Golden Publications, which displays “Efo agrees to prepare juju for the
players on page 17.

In each of these books and others discovered on social media, the authors make inappropriate references to
personalities and ethnic groups which are deemed unfortunate, distasteful, and are in contradiction with
NaCCA’s Book Submission Guidelines and Approval Methodology which guide the work of publishers and


About Golden Publication, NaCCA would like to state that management has met with the leadership of the
Publishing house and has asked them to withdraw all the unapproved offending books Stated and any other
from the market and submit copies for assessment and approval which they have complied with. Additionally.
the publishers have been asked to 15Sue an unequivocal apology through the electronic. print and social media.

NaCCA is also warning all publishing houses who have published unapproved offensive books to withdraw all
stock from the market immediately or faces the full rigors of the law.

We are firmly on the ground concerning the fight against the use of unapproved books in schools and all
culprits will be duly dealt with according to the law.

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Since the roll-out of the Standards-based Curriculum for Kindergarten and Primary schools in 2019, a total of
1,107 textbooks and 370 supplementary materials have been assessed and subsequently approved by NaCCA.
The list of approved books can be accessed on the agency’s official website: http:/www.nacca.gov.gh

NaCCA remains well focused in undertaking our mandate of ensuring that the development and approval of
textbooks, Supplementary materials, and other pre-tertiary learning resources are appropriate to the Ghanaian

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