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The content in the old curriculum has not changed, only the method of teaching has been changed – Dr. Prince Armah


The former Director-General of the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment NaCCA, Dr. Prince Hamid Armah has disclosed that the framers of the new curriculum have not changed the content of the old curriculum but the only thing the has been changed is the method of teaching that concept.

In his long post to defend the introduction of the new Curriculum Dr. Prince Hamid Armah indicated that the designers of the standard Base Curriculum for basic schools develop examples of lessons and resources to supplement the existing curriculum which calls for the introduction of the new curriculum in school. citing an example to support his point, Dr. Prince Armah said subjects like “Our world our people, Creative Arts and Design, Career Technology” the only thing that has been changed in those subjects is the method of teaching but the concept remains the same.

“The rolling out of the new reform does not necessarily require concurrent production of textbooks but resource materials that use the old textbooks and provide teachers with ‘big ideas’ or activities that encourage the use of creative and learning centred pedagogies. After all, the different types of soil haven’t changed, neither has the principle underlying adding three digits numbers nor the functions of the oesophagus changed merely because of the reviewed curriculum. What has changed are the novel approaches to teaching these concepts and associated assessment techniques that the SBC emphasize. For these reasons, the framers of the curricula have provided resource packs that contain sample scripted lessons, lesson plans, assessment tools, among others to facilitate the innovative ways teachers are expected to teach under the SBC.” Dr Prince Hamid Armah

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He, therefore, called Teachers to stop complaining about textbooks in school and teach the Ghanaians what is important.


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