The intelligent way to talk to teachers

By | January 22, 2021

Teachers are the second parents when it comes to school matters, as we all know that when two or three children meet together definitely, they will be some unusual reactions among them. At times children come home with a lot of complaints concerning about their teachers or the school but as parents, the way you react to your child’s reports to the class teacher is very important and this report has shown some of the intelligent ways you the parents of the child can talk to the teacher.

Struggle with the school work. At times as parents when you receive a report from teachers concerning your child, it is not healthy for you the parents to start talking in the manner as if the teacher does not like your child but pay attention to what the teacher has to say if it’s about your child inability to do his or her school work, it can be anything that is causing the child not to perform well in the school. So what you need to do as a parent is to find out from the teacher what is actually wrong with your child, whether the child is not able to perform a simple mathematical operation, it can be that, when basic mathematics subtraction operation was introduced in the class, something happens in the house so the child was not present so the child lack the mathematics concept to perform the operation or the child was not concentrating when the lesson was introduced, so you the parents can liaise with the teacher to develop a strategy to help the child perform the operation.

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A misbehaving child. If a teacher complained to you that your child is misbehaving in class, as a parent you need not raise your voice at the teacher trying to say that the teacher hates your child but try to listen to the teacher, ask him or her whether your child runs out during class hours? makes noise in class? or the child interrupts during teaching because children at times can’t actually express their faults. So, find out from the teacher and get to know what actually your child does in class. Some children are naturally active so you can find out from the teacher whether it normally happens after the performance of certain activities in the class. Some children do misbehave at certain work because they have the feeling that because they can’t do the work properly, they will begin to misbehave so that their friends will not notice that they have a problem. So, when you the parent of the child communicate well with the teacher, he or she can give techniques to you to train the child in the house.

Overwhelming. When a teacher tells you the parent that your child is anxious or stressed, find out from the teacher to get a better understanding of what actually he or she meant, it can be that your child is sick or something else. You and the teacher can now find solutions to your child’s problems.

When a teacher tells you, your child is bullying. Try to know from the teacher whether he or she has been doing it or it is just ones, also find out from the child whether he actually did it because the other child offended him or her, or it is influenced from others that made him or her to do and advice your child appropriately.

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