The issue of seeking approval from Ges before pursuing further studies should be relooked at

By | February 15, 2021

Ghana Education service directive that newly posted teachers should wait for four years after they have entered into the service before pursuing further studies is a directive that is very disturbing and worrying most teachers who are willing to develop themselves professionally in the service.

These directives of teachers should wait for four years after entering the service was introduced to make teachers stay in their classroom to teach but they were oblivious of the fact that teachers need to be upgraded with the subject matter before they deliver their lesson.

Because some teachers do not want to lose contact hours with their students some of them decide to pursue their course through the distance and sandwich mode after completion of their course they will be denied upgrading to their rightful ranks even those who seek approval are denied the upgrading.

Our checks in some region in the country reveal that teachers who went to further studies without approval from the Ghana education service have been denied upgrading to their rightful ranks just because they have not sought permission from Ghana education service.

These teachers complained that whenever the goes for upgrading from the district or regional level they always inform that the directives are from above meanwhile these teachers completed this course with their colleagues who teach in the Greater Accra region and those in the Northern region who have been upgraded to the principal superintendent ranks.

So asked where is Ghana education service headquarters and teachers in that region are not affected by the order above directive but other regions are affected?

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So if Ghana education service is asking teachers to seek approval before doing their bachelor degree, what about those in the colleges of education doing bachelor degree where have the seek approval before doing a degree or when they complete and come they will also have to seek approval from the Ghana education service before they are given the rank of principal superintendent.

This affair treatment meted out to these teachers in some of the regions and district needs to be relooked at. GNAT should compel the Ghana education service to remove the directive that teachers should wait for four long years before pursuing further studies.

GNAT should also fight the directive that teachers should seek approval from Ghana education service before pursuing further studies, so far as the course they study are GES approved course the need to be upgraded.

The leaders of GNAT should also ensure that the follow-up to ensure that those who upgrading have been locked up are upgraded.

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