The newly introduced curriculum is not textbook centered – Ministry of Education

By | February 2, 2022

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Education Mr. Kwasi Kwarteng has claimed that the newly introduced curriculum for public basic schools in the country is not textbook-centered.

During an interview with Joynews, Mr. Kwarteng clearly emphasis that although textbooks are relevant but the new curriculum is not textbook centered. He explained that textbooks are supplementary learning materials for learners.

“Let me take the opportunity to also clarify something…Whiles, we do not underrate the significance and the importance of textbooks, I also have to state on record that if you look at this standard-based curriculum, it is not textbook-centered. That is what we also probably have to be abreast with it. If we want to make it a textbook-centered that will be a reversal to the old curriculum we were using. But of course, it is not in a way suggesting that textbooks are also not important,” Mr kwarteng clarified.

Meanwhile, teachers and other stakeholders in Education have criticized the government for introducing a curriculum three years today in public basic schools without the corresponding textbooks. Teachers complained that the absence of textbooks is affecting teaching and learning in schools.

Mr kwarteng further indicated that the government has recognized the importance of textbooks in Ghanaian public basic schools and they working with all effort to start with the printing and distribution of the textbooks to learners.

He boldly indicated that by March this year they are going to start the printing and distribution of the textbooks in various schools across the country

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