The public services workers’ Union warns the government to prepare for the consequences should they fail to include the 2021 base pay in the budget.

By | March 11, 2021

The public services workers Union of the Trade union Congress has expressed their disappointment on the way the government is handling the 2021 base pay of workers and called on the government to call for negotiation before they read 2021.

The budget will be read tomorrow in parliament but the general secretary of the public services workers Union Mr. Bernard Adjei warns the government to prepare for the consequences should they fail to add the base pay of workers in the budget.

“Government would want to answer to how they will take care of it if later there is a decision on what the base pay should be because definitely, whatever the agreement will be at the end of the day, depending on its financial implications, it has to be catered for.”

“We’ve still not heard [from] the Public Service Joint Negotiating Committee where some of these issues are discussed.”

“So as to how the government intends to take care of it [we don’t know]. Otherwise, what workers or the public services workers union members are saying is that they would want their salaries negotiated for the year 2021,” Mr. Adjei said.

In an earlier statement, the union had urged the government to expedite action on the concerns being raised.

“Further hope that the Government of Ghana, being the major employer would expedite action on these matters before the presentation of the National Budget Statement in order to maintain the relative harmonious industrial atmosphere in the country.”

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