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The required points&cost that every teacher is required to acquire before renewing your license. Take note


The National Teaching Council (NTC) that is mandated to register and license Teachers in the country require after this Issuance of licenses to teachers, every teacher is should acquire accumulated points in the next three years before that teacher can renew his or her license.

As a teacher, you are supposed to acquire 70 to 100 points before you will be eligible to renew your teaching license. To acquire these points, every teacher is supposed to attend workshops, conferences, and seminars to enable them to acquire these points

Every two ( 2) points workshop cost 50gh cedis. Now to be able to get your required points of 70 through workshops then you are required to attend 35 different workshops within three years.

The National Teaching Council NTC has also introduced mandatory courses and rank-based courses that can also help a teacher to acquire the Continuous professional Development CPD point.

A teacher can register for the CPD points courses on their Teachers portal. Click below to download the TPG guidelines pdf

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  1. Then I thank God some of us will not be in the classroom again.i will be searching for workshops through out the country


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