The two rejected Rastafarian students have been offered admission including a $6000 scholarship

By | March 25, 2021

The two Rastafarian students whose issue has generated a lot of controversies on many social media platforms when they told by the authorities of the Achimota senior high school to go back and shave their hair before they will be allowed to enroll in the school has been given a scholarship to five reputable schools in the country including a top American school who is ready to spend $6000 every year on the students.

This happen when one of the students was interviewed by Evans Mensah on Joynews PM express program due to the level of fluency and confidence shown by one of the brilliant Rastafarian students it shocks many who watch the program.

According to joy Fm journalist, Kwaku Asante in twists which were sighted by, in sharing the information reveal that the two rejected Rastafarian has been offered admission into five international schools in the country including one American school who is ready to offer $6000 every year.

“On this big story, I told you about the two rasta students, close to five schools including a reputable international school in Accra have reached out to the two Rastafarian students to offer them admission including scholarship 6000 dollars every year.” He said

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