There are a lot of challenges in Ghana basic school level- Dr. Adutwum

By | February 14, 2021

Teachers have complained about the inability of them to get needed materials in our basic schools to deliver their lesson with some of them reiterating that they are now further up with the issue they are facing during their lesson delivery.

These challenges range from classroom teaching and learning materials to lack of school building forcing some communities junior high schools and basic schools children to receive their lesson under trees which I called ‘school under trees’. It is so surprising to go to a school and a common blackboard to write on is not even there and I ask myself how do the teachers in those schools teach their students? This is so hurting

When the minister of Education designate was asked by one of the honorable members of parliament whether his assessment on the basic schools we have now his satisfied with how the schools are and can he described it as one of the best in our West Africa sub-region if not whole Africa.

The Education Minister-designate responded that he won’t say he’s satisfied with the nature of our basic schools in Ghana because we are making progress as a nation and there will be no way he will say he’s satisfied with it.

He added that Ghana accountability for learning outcome has secured 2000 million Ghana cedis for 1000 low performing basic schools to help these schools secure textbooks, Teaching and learning materials, and training of teachers in these schools to improve in their performance and become equal with other high performing schools.

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He said strengthening our basic schools is something that we should look at to ensure that there will be a strong link between the primary, junior high school, and the senior high school so that our children can be well fit into the tertiary institution and that will do this country a great improvement.

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