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There are better educated, Trained, and license Teachers so no need for textbooks- former NaCCA Boss.


The former Director-General of the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment NaCCA, Dr. Prince Hamid Armah has indicated that there are many more trained teachers in the system, most of them are holding degrees and diplomas and many of them are license so they can work together in a professional learning community rather than complaining about textbooks.

Dr. Prince Armah explained that in those days qualified Teachers Education background was very low and many of them were untrained Teachers couple with low network connectivity that is why textbooks were immediately required whenever there was a revise in the syllabus.

“Some five decades ago, a qualified teacher’s education background was relatively low and many were untrained coupled with no means of getting information on the internet, textbooks were required anytime syllabuses were revised. Usually, only one book was provided and the old textbooks were completely disregarded even though most of its contents were still relevant. But today, we have better-educated, trained teachers many of who are now (or being) licensed and can work together in the context of professional learning communities built into the reform agenda.” Dr. Hamid Armah stated.

He added that most of the teachers these days are well equipped in Technology and can surf the internet for the information they want, so he sees no reason why Teachers should be complaining about textbooks that will take a while before coming into the system.

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  1. Yes they are trained and have licences and yet complain of text books and you think it’s not important? It is the children that will suffer. What will happen to uniformity when every teacher is resorting to the internet for information to teach. More over the internet connectivity in some areas can’t even help you make a call to talk of browsing 😒

  2. So suddenly, the Internet now becomes the resource material for educating our children. Is the Internet accessible in most of our rural communities? Even accessing mobile network for ordinary calls is not available in most communities. Regardless, in areas where the Internet is accessible, who pays for the data the teacher uses to surf information? Confused, square-pegged leaders occupying spaces in round holes.

  3. It’s unfortunate to hear news of such nature from educated person like that,he should come again since the system won’t be standard till textbooks are m’ade available.

  4. This sounds Logical but it is not realistic,how can we resort to internet where a chunk of information (some miss guiding) is dumped to teach our Children.for God’s sake don’t we learn from the outside world,are we more technological than them,yet they use text books.the text are written such that they cover what we need to develop.


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